Holiday is about food fest :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hello, I am back from the short break... or rather a lil bit longer break than usual. We had 4 days for Raya holiday where Muslim celebrated their new year. I took additional one day leave to spend time with my daughter, we had fun at the pool. I could not be more recharged to back to work after a very relaxing break. I feel happy.... it is well said if you have a relaxing break, you will soon be very motivated to go back to work, it is proven!

Our holiday was just simple, we did not travel this time, we spent our time mostly at home, and dine out. It was about food fest. We love food. I think that is the biggest similarity between me and my hubby...I hope the little one will follow our passion too :).

Today I just wanted to share few pictures of food that I took with Instagram. We are lucky living in Malaysia, where we can easily find varieties of food choices. When you ever visited Malaysia, beside they have unique cultures, it is all about food! Come and I will bring you around....:)

I also pinning few recipes that easy to make, don't forget to visit my recipe's board on my Pinterest. And for more daily pictures follow me on instagram @sfenny.

I will be back tomorrow.... talk soon!

{all images are from my instagram pictures}

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