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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seriously I have an issue with my inner peace lately, I learned from Po - the Kungfu Panda 2 movie, yes I meant it, I learned that we should be calm, step back and observe the situation whenever we felt overwhelmed. I am doing it right now....
Sometime it seem that I have so much things in my head and I feel it will explode soon, so those low days that I need to stay clam I try to find some rejuvenating activity to reduce my stress level. I bought calming tea, lit candle and whatever stress therapy could be.

Lately I found this Terrarium making idea in this simple tutorial, I thought hey, why not to start reincarnate my existing plant pot and empty jars that suppose for my succulents and all dies without reason sometimes ago. Well I admit I don't have green hands at all, I envy my mother in law, who could safe the life of dying plants. sigh! But, hey looks I will still try it out, I love the aesthetic look of the Terrariums, and I made a little research that most of the plants are an indoor plants, so it is perfect for my little apartment. 

What do you think? will you try this for your self?

Images1 (clockwise):
1. BHG Terrarium tutorial
2. Martha Stewart
3. Sea and Asters

Images 2 : all from Sea and Asters

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  1. Absolutely!!!! Plus, I just came from a friend's house who's been doing such an awesome job with the terrarium. This blog - and her apartment totally inspired me!