Little thought on Monday {do you believe in destiny?}

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hi all, how was your weekend? mine as always good and relaxing as usual. Today I decided not to post my weekend Instagram photo.  I thought I have posted few this week, I don't want my blog too overwhelmed with insta photo and lose their original aesthetic. 

Yesterday, when everyone had an afternoon nap, I was sat on my sofa and enjoyed a precious little quiet moments (which is rare to have, nowadays). It brought me back to memories when I was in mid 20s, it sounded so far away, well I am not that old though hehee. And one words struck me ' destiny', do you actually believe that your futures are predetermined? I am not sure for this actually, but I believe when my heart desires something, I will pray (because God is greater than anything in this world) and I will try very hard to make it happened. 

Alright, back to my stories  in mid 20s, when I first traveled to Malaysia, I thought hey this country is beautiful. I gained interest to find out more about this country. Sometime,  when you have a strong desire about something, unconsciously you will make universe conspired for your desire. It can be deceiving and you can be clouded by your own guts feeling, therefore if it happens it is happiness. Because of my interest, I looked for a job that related with anything Malaysia, which is I got and I was able to visit the country several times for working purposes, it was somehow I and this country having a connection, a positive vibe! next thought hey, why don't I move out from my homeland to this country. I was thinking to further my study, therefore before that was happen, I actually found my self a Malaysian husband, it really was not part of the plan, it just happened naturally and I am always thankful for it :). I still further study after I married and here I am in Malaysia for almost 8 years, settled down with wonderful husband and beautiful toddler. 

I am not sure, is that destiny? or just a well plan journey? 

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