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Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello dearest.... it is unusual that I wrote my blog at night, I normally tried not to use my computer at night, I just like to get away from my computer after almost 9 hours using it for working purposes (and blogging at lunch break), Therefore today is a public holiday here, I had so much quality time with my family, for that I really grateful. While I am writing this, my daughter is in her room, I can still hear her voice but I know she is about to sleep. My hubby just went out for his late night tea season with his buddy, so I decided to say hi at here and do a little update about my long weekend. 

We went to neighborhood shopping mall to buy our little one her new doll yesterday, and she picked up baby doll with several clothes and milk bottle, I thought it was so cute how she insisted to have baby doll. And I discovered another milestones about my daughter, she is now having a sense of responsibility toward her belonging, well, at least toward her baby. How cute she feeds the baby every two hours, and insisted to change the diapers whenever she remembered. We also spent plenty of time playing with her at play ground, I couldn't be more happy to see her so thrilled with the balls 'pool .

And of course, almost in every weekend, I make an effort to cook for my family. This weekend I cooked few comfort food, I called it comfort food because it doesn't need plenty of time to prepare and it is sure yummy! I made shrimp fritters, corn and water crest soup, and also bakwan (Indonesian snack, something like meat ball fritters). I seldom cook during weekdays, I am too tired, I normally just prepared sandwiches or take away from nearby restaurant. Very costly is one things, it is also unhealthy, right? May be I should browse more quick recipes for weekdays.

Tomorrow I am flying to Penang for business trip, my flight is in the early morning, so it is time to say good night.... Tuesday just another 2 hours, I will see you again on Wednesday.


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