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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello friends, I apologize for my absence at my regular series "Wednesday Picks" yesterday, I was at my client's place. This is why sometime, timing is a problem when you are a part time blogger but you love to blog so much, you always feel guilty whenever you miss to write on your precious space :). 

Tomorrow is another public holiday and we are having a long weekend. Great advantage if you live and work in Malaysia... plenty of public holiday haha...
Today I thought of sharing my weekly flowers at home. I always love to have fresh flowers at home, normally I don't really splurge on flowers, but this time I couldn't resist at these sweeties.  I am very seldom to visit flower market nowadays, where I can be spoiled by many choices of flower at a very reasonable price. Lately, I always buy them from nearby florist, and I found a place that carry so many beautiful unusual flowers at Ben's Independent Grocer, where as so happen also one of my fave grocery place.

This time I had, Sweet Williams {my all time fave} and dry baby breath {left over from last few weeks}, and found these purple flowers and bulbs look alike fillers that I have not have them at my home before. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the name of the flowers. I thought these the new addition gave a little bit wild flower arrangement looks.

I had a little bit left over from the arrangement, then I tied using bamboo string that the shop gave me, it looked like a little bouquet, I placed it at my mason jar and put them at my study table to add a little spark.

I will be back on Monday. Have a great early weekend everyone!

{images are by me for f4fabulousblog}

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