A little thought on Monday {trip}

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Monday, here again! I just came back from adventure company trip last weekend. So I missed  few days to visit at this precious space. The experience to go camping was definitely unforgettable. The last time I went camping was at my college year, which is feel like an ages. This trip meant to bound with each other co worker and know them better through less formal occasion. Also exploring nature and enjoy its greatness. Despite muscle pains and exhausted program, the trip was totally a bliss. I am glad to have the opportunity to sleep in the midst of Malaysia rainforest, listening forest creature sing their perfect orchestra and away for a while from my phone, social media and such. I feel so rejuvenate after back home, ready for any new challenges this week. 

I strongly suggest if you ever visited Malaysia, or Malaysian that never have such experience. This Eco resort at Raub - Tanah Aina, is a great place to explore. Get ready to back to nature and bound with them.

Here some photos that I took using my iPhone for Instagram (@sfenny). I hope you have a glimpse of the place. 
Happy Monday!

{images are by me}

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