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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello friends, We had a long weekend last week pertaining of Malaysia day. So I just came back here today, pretty recharged!
Sadly, last Friday I received a very terrible news, one of my good friend passed away, she has been battling with her sickness quite sometimes, but it is still a very painful news to accept the fact that she is no longer with us, I deeply miss her...

My hubby was away in Hong Kong for business trip and just came back Sunday night, I took our weekend easy at home and be cozy, I thought of sharing some pictures to cheer up. These picture are typical weekend at home. Starting my morning usually I prepare a simply breakfast for my little one. She woke up and gave me the most beautiful smiles, the smiles that always melt my heart....
We love to cuddling, playing dress up and watching 'Dibo the gift Dragon' during the day, and toward late afternoon we grab our bag to go swimming at down stairs. 
Time just flies so fast if you spending it with loves one.

Cherish your day and cherish your loves one. 

PS: This morning, I had beautiful sunrise, God is good.

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