Little thoughts on Monday

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello lovelies, I thought I will be back at work refreshed after three days on holiday break, however, I am down with the flu in the first Monday of September. But I guess it is also blessing in disguise, so I could really resting at home when everyone is out, and do some little bit of 'me' time. I spent a lot of time with my family every time we had short break, not that I complained, therefore 'me' time is highly necessary :).

My long break was just relaxing at home, having homey breakfast and snacks, we spent many hours at swimming pool, that also explained why I am eventually down with cold..sigh! 
I also went out for little shopping, found this cute dots n stripe knit midi skirt for 70% off, Love! and few cute postcards adding my postcards collection.

Have a good day everyone, I will be back tomorrow.... stay healthy!

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