Playing with ordinary objects

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I was completely knock off yesterday. This is why the reason I need to go back to nature often than stay in the city. Only one day camping in the midst of the forest made me have to rest on the bed for several days... phew! I hope you are all have a better day than me.

I came across these simple photographs that I found from Daniella Witte blog cum photographer. It inspired me that we should not take for granted for everyday objects that can be found at our home. They seems ordinary, but can be a pretty decoration too. I believe we always find beauty in imperfection. 

I love to collect wooden beads, I have plenty of them in many color during my travel to Bali. Apart of practicality, I thought wow, scatter the beads on top of my cabinet and mixing with other decorative object is a simple yet pretty ideas. However, I have to wait to do it till my toddler can differentiate between the beads and the candies...

Another thing that I collect is pillow cushions. I never get enough for pretty cushions. Don't you? A pile of them makes me happy bee. I thought just to put a similar color shade with different texture of pillow cushions will bright my living room.

Assorted jar is one of my fave decoration objects, anyone collecting jars like me? I love flowers but not so good in arranging. For me, my idea of having jars, I just like to buy few different singular flowers and put them in different shapes of the jars.

I love to buy books, that's not a problem for me to organize, because my book shelf still have a plenty of space. But my mags... oh dear.... I have a problem to store them. I threw plenty of mags, but most of interiors, home decor, style mags stay with me for so many years. Well honestly I only threw my hubby motor/car mags, they don't have a pretty cover haaa... I thought stacking them like below picture is pretty in its own way. I don't know about you but I really like this simple idea. How do you store yours?

Recent obsession is Washi tapes. who doesn't? I like to stack them and just put as part of my decoration items. Also, sticking dry flower/leaves is an absolutely lovely idea. I did that too with my wall. I found this idea for the very first time from Pia Jane Bijkerk. I really admire her styling with decay flowers. Love!

Have a great day, hope this post somehow inspired you...

{images via Daniella Witte}


  1. Hi! Your photos are really good! Good angle and colors! I'm glad you're taking BYW Boot camp! See you in the class!