Simple food : Clam + Linguine

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sometime I am an impulsive shopper, this also include when I visited grocery. There is one grocery near by my daughter day care that I love to go, they normally have fresh meats and fishes daily. They also have frequent promotion on certain fresh ingredient. I found this bunch of Kambah (local clam) that look so inviting and it's on promotion. I quickly bought them for USD1.5 only..haaa...

When I got home, I thought for a while what should  I do with these clams. I never handle nor cook them before, and they are alive, making noises. Oh well, they are still ended it up in my tummy :).
So happened I have left over linguine at my fridge. Then I thought may be I just cook them with left over linguine. So here they are....

This is my first time to cook them and taste quiet delish! oh, and  I thought I bought the clams too much, but some said we should buy more than what we need because we will find those close one that should not be eaten.

May be you want to try this over the weekend, the recipe is very simple.

Clams, linguine pasta, garlic, lemon, frozen sweet corn, salt and black pepper, chilly flake and scallion for garnish (optional)

How to cook:
1. Boil the linguine as per packet instruction (put aside)
2. Heat olive oil at the saute pan
3. Turn the fire into medium, saute garlic then squeeze the lemon into it.
4. Put in clams, salt and black pepper to taste, saute till cooked
5. Put in Linguine, mix all together
6. Ready to serve, scallion and chilly flake for garnish.

Prep 10min, cooking 10 min

{images by me taken from my iPhone - sorry for the not so good quality}

Happy weekend everyone!

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