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Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello lovelies... I am so happy that I finally back to blogging again, Almost more than a week I abundant this precious space. I know that I often unable to blog regularly because of work, life and other commitment. I always wish someday I can be more committed. I can't imagine my life without this little space...

I went through a little much stress for the past week. It seem so little time to do so many things. I had a little time preparation to do my IELTS test, which is quiet important to me for something that I applied. However, I am so happy that finally the test was over, I just need to wait for the result, I hope I can get the band requirement. I also joined BYW boot camp, even though I have not plenty of time for this class, but I still insisted to join. Anyhow, I make a point that I should make a time for something that I love, something good, and something positive. True enough, I am struggling, but I am enjoying the class very much.

My daughter goes through the toddler-hood crisis (that what I called) recently. She doesn't want to sleep early anymore, doesn't really happy with things that normally does. A little bit rebellious and not so contented being toddler :). I have to deal with her, and I am still on denial that she grows up too fast than I expected. It remind me I should spend more time with her than I did. 

Now that the exam is over, I slowly sip in again to the routine. I did not cook for a week, and my last breakfast making was a failure attempt haha... I bought the so call a high tech eggs maker, and my somehow 'almost perfect' soft boiled eggs become 'not so perfect'. Again, it's remind me when we learn something new, there will be always a learning curve, rather than we complain about it, why don't we enjoy the process...

I hope a little bit sunshine (very rare we have recently, its a rainy day here!), fresh flower and little precious things in life is a good enough for now ...

Have a happy day!


{images are by me}


  1. Beautiful photography!
    And I see that your pencils are sharp for Holly's class!

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)

  2. Oh dear, the terrible-two phase has arrived? They all go through it; hang in there...
    x Iris