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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello dearest friends and welcome for new readers (if you ever pass by this little space, thank you for doing so, I hope this post will be delighted you :p). How was your weekend? I had great one, caught up with some reading, I might want to write about book review soon. Have not done one at here, shame on me as I read few good books recently.

Today I want to share a bit of pictures that I took last two weekend. I had a great breakfast gathering with my girl friends. How many of you are married with children? and how often you hang out with your girl friends after becoming a busy mom? Me... I can say it just once of lucky blue moon. I have no complain about my role as a mom and a wife, I enjoy my current occupation so much as a working mom. However, time become very limited for just meeting my girl friends for a short chats. It goes to everybody else too. So when one of us suggested to have breakfast gathering the other day, I said yes.

My husband is a supportive man which is I feel blessed for having him, and taking care of my active toddler for three or four hours on Saturday morning is not a pain in the ass for him at all. It is just me always have a guilty feeling for leaving them alone. That is why I am seldom to turn up to any gathering. Then, I thought having a little bit space for my self is not something really sinful anyway. Surprisingly, I felt recharged after that. Life is just too short to miss having a little fun. Right?  

Happy Monday....

Breakfast place:
Tom, Dick and Harry
Scott Garden - Kuala Lumpur

{images are by me}

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