Cooking for one + {recipe}

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello friends. How is your mid week so far?

I usually cooks more during weekend. During weekdays, I do not have much time to cook, sometime I cook simple stir fry veggie or just plain pasta. I normally do my grocery once a week and it is very difficult for me to keep veggies freshly all week long, event keeping them in the fridge. So I always opt for those long lasting veggies, such asbaby corn, french beans, and so on. 

My hubby travels for work more frequent nowadays, I found that cooking for one can be wasteful. I do keep left over in the fridge but I do not like to keep too long. I always look for recipe that fast and suitable for 'eating for one'. My friend recently, share this recipe with me, I like it, because I just can use my usual veggie stocks from the fridge. 
I thought I want to share this simple recipe - Stir fry beef and veggie in Japanese sesame soy sauce. 

1. Baby corns
2. French Beans
3. Beef (ready made cut for stir fry)
4. Japanese Sesame soy sauce (available in the most Asian market)
5. Mince garlic
6. Oil
7. All Purpose flour 
8. Salt and pepper
9. Red chilly for garnish (optional)

1. Cut the baby corns and French beans into small cubes, put aside
2.  Marinade the beef with 1-2 tbs of all purpose flour, salt and paper, put aside
3. Reheat the oil in the wok into medium heat, stir the mince garlic until fragrance
4. Stir fry the beef until half cook
5. Follow by, stir fry the veggies
6. Pour the Japanese sesame soy sauce into the wok, add a little water, continue stirring the beef and the veggies till tender and cooked
7. Season with salt and paper.
8. Garnish with chopped red chilly and serve with white rice. 

Prep 15 min, cooking 10 min


  1. That looks yummy and healthy all in one! I love that your plates look very Japanese! I cannot be bothered to cook just for myself, but now I have two little ones to feed, it's not just about myself, but I do tend to eat leftovers when my hubby travels. :) Pretty photos!

  2. Lovely recipe Fenny, thanks for sharing!