Mood board for my new blog design inspiration

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello everyone, we have a public holiday today in Malaysia, I am so looking forward for the long weekend. This morning,  my husband was going out with his mom for some errands and I am just chilling at home with my daughter. Normally in a day off I won't touch my computer, however today I feel want to pop by a little while and share my recent mood board make over. 

I always have mood board from time to time, even I have to admit that I have not change them as frequent as I want. Recently I joined a BYW boot camp. It is an awesome e-boot camp about blogging and net working with like minded people around the globe. Designing mood board is one of the assignment, and since I really wanted to change my blog design, I gathered these images that influence me to revamp my blog. I pinned them in my Pinterest board a while ago, printed them out to make an conventional mood board :). The class actually allowed us to design the digital mood board, but I thought having physical one is more fulfilling, I love the process to collage the pretty images on the board.  Here are some footage of why these images are inspiring me.
On a little side track, I love the fact that Holly (our teacher) asked us to upload our mood board either in the Flickr group or our personal blog and she will then pin them on her Pinterest that has 120 thousand over follower. I thought this is one of a good way to  do social networking and group collaborating. 

Happy Weekend, everyone!

{Images are by me}


  1. I love your moodboard Fenny, and can't wait to see your blog re-design! Will you do the design yourself?

    And how is BYW boot camp by the way? am I missing out big time?

  2. The quote on your moodboard is very encouraging. I remember seeing your board in the flickr pool but just connected the moodboard to the blogger! :)

    grace (from BYW)