Wednesday Picks: Annika {Kids edition}

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I am seriously need to do some shopping for my daughter's closet. She grows up too fast before I manage to buy few new dresses for her. Her preference changes so fast,  few months ago she insisted only on wearing casual short and shirt, no matter how I pursue her to wear some nice dress whenever we got out, she refused. But since last month she wanted to wear dresses day and night, by then I realize I have not bought her enough dresses, most of them are undersize already. There is one dress that she loves it so much till to the extend that almost want to wear it everyday. She has this dress when she was just turned to 2, now she is almost 3 and a little bit small for her. She love floral design so much though...see toddler also has preference :).

Anyway, back to my Wednesday Picks, when I browsed cute dresses or whatever shops that might have nice dresses for my little one, I bumped into Annika website, my jaw dropped, I love their collection, however I am still struggling to figure it out how they can ship out to overseas. This shop is from Korea and all words are in Korean. But I think their collections are worth to share. I love to buy dresses for my daughter that a little bit whimsical and not so commercial brands (handmade, custom sewn is pretty nice). I think Annika has them both.

 {images via Annika}

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