Wednesday Picks : Designy temporary tattoo by Tattly

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hi folks, how is your mid week so far? Mine was ok, still surviving :). I kinda of had a rough meeting this morning, however life goes on, focus on a positive thing is a good thing and of course don't forget to play a little bit... 

Ok today is my Wednesday picks series. I found something unusual to share but I think this is not something that out of my blog contents, and this is too good not to share too :). Not everyone fancy having a tattoo. I had two permanent ones, I was a little bit younger at that time when I did. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having tattoo as long as not making your whole body become a needle canvas. But permanent sometime can be boring, people change their preference and taste all the time. Looking back  at one of my own lil Dolphin tattoo near my butt, I feel a little bit silly now..haaa...

Anyway, I found this temporary tattoo shop called Tattly, it worth to check it out, they have really fun design. I found them through random pictures in Instagram, and I said 'hey this is cute!' There is nothing vulgar or hardcore at all in their design, I love them. I have a very hard time to choose some that I want to buy. It is good for party props or just wearing them for fun.
After having a hard time choosing them, I narrow down my choices into 3 categories.
I particularly love the Washi inspired LOVE YOUR WORK letters. And, the watch tattoo will be perfect for my almost three years daughter to stick on, she always asked me to make wrist watch from her play dough :).  For more, please visit their web shop
{My Choices: Washi leter, set of veggies and set of coffee }
{My choices: pink watch, Lolipop by my fave artist Lisa Congdon and set of party tattoos that suitable for my daughter}

{My choices: I love monogram in the shape of geometric, topography and playful assorted bottles}
{images via Tattly, I edited into collage, except  for the first images}

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