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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello everyone, I still can't believe that Friday is coming so quickly. I am ecstatic for the weekend of course, however there are plenty works need to be done that I have not actually make it done yet. Yes procrastination is the mother of mess up! Oh well, I try to be more efficient for next week, meanwhile I am looking forward for the weekend to come.

Now that my BYW boot camp class is approaching at week 3, there are also plenty quality topics to digest. Oh, I enjoy the class very much, there are many bloggers that I admired, I am so happy to have privilege to be their classmate.

What are you up for the weekend? I am planning to bake cupcake with my daughter, I bought the ingredients and  I am so looking forward for this. Yup, I never baked before... at all, this will be first attempt..haaa. I will take few pictures, if the images are worth sharing, I hope I will post it here next Monday. I also have a girl's breakfast outing on Sunday while my hubby will attending badminton tournament. All are set.... happy weekend everyone! 

{images are from my random inspiration Pinterest Board - 1st collage 1/2/3 ; 2nd collage 1/2/3}
Note: I tried my best to link the resources as original as possible, but if you know the link is not accurate please let me know

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  1. I enjoyed bootcamp too. I'm looking forward to Hannover with Holly. How did the cupcakes turn out? :) x