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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello friends and new friends (I always imagined that someone new just visited my blog, everyday)...so welcome to my little precious space and happy Monday.

I had a working weekend, only Saturday evening I was back at home and spending my time with my daughter. My husband was back at home from China only this morning, glad that he is now here with us, I miss him.  I have been reading Small Plates, Sweet Treats book everyday since few days ago, so I guess today is the time for book review that I promised since last week. 

First of all, talking about buying a book that I really want is not easy. Because those books are not available here in Malaysia, I have to buy them from Amazon and the delivery cost per book is about USD10. It is expensive for me. That is why I am very selective to buy books from online, however, if I really like it, I don't actually mind to pay the delivery cost. All books that I had is normally Authored by my favorite bloggers or reviewed by bloggers that I follow. I strongly believe Authors who has a loyal followers in their blog are normally becomes successful in publishing their book. How amazing is blogging community can evolved, right?

Aran from Cannelle et Vanille, she is also one of my fave food stylist and blogger. Her food photos are amazing, her book video thriller is lovely. Event, I am not on gluten free diet, I am absolutely sold! And true enough, when the first time I received the book - Small Plates, Sweet Treats, I immediately was spoiled by her simple yet magical images.

Her recipes are divided into four seasons and in each season, she shares the savory and sweet treats recipes. Most of her recipes are inherited by her families, she grew up with it then, and she continues to cook using the recipes (with a little bit twist sometime) for her family. I love the fact that every recipe she wrote in the book, there is a story behind it. I feel that I do not merely read a recipe book, but I feel that I read a food blog in a printed version.
We do not have four seasons in Malaysia, therefore, I am a little bit fascinated how food, flavor, aroma, color and ingredient change according to the season. This is something new that I learned. While reading the book, I event can imagine during Autumn, the smell of butter toffee cakes will be dominated the kitchen. It is such a lovely feeling by only thinking about it.

Spring and Summer are probably my most favorite recipe in the book, because I can relate with the weather here haa... However, few recipes from another season are great for Holiday occasion, such as Christmas gathering.

Through this book, I learned a lot about new ingredient and gluten free diets and some of the ingredient I have never heard nor known before. The only downfall from this book is not the book itself but the availability of some ingredient in Malaysia, such as Sorghum flour, Demerara sugar, Grape seed oil, and so on. Yesterday I went to grocery store and tried to check out for few ingredient mentioned in the book, only few are available or if any it is a little bit expensive, because it is imported. However, I determine to try few recipes that I really like and I plan to make them for my next Christmas gathering. Can't wait!

If the ingredients are not a problem, the recipes are basically for novice to intermediate readers, the measurement comes in small portions (4-6 persons), so it is very practical to entertain small crowd or just making dinner for family. Aran also inserted useful tips in some pages, I found it is very helpful for novice readers, like me :). Overall, in my opinion, this book is really worth to have and cooking will be a pleasant imagination.

I hope this review is helpful.  I will be back on Wednesday for Wednesday Picks series. I am preparing for Holiday edition, and there might be few guest blogger to contribute their picks. Stay Tunes.
Meanwhile, you might want to drop by at Decor8 post about Mood boards, there are few of inspiring mood boards from my BYW classmates, I am so honored that my mood board was there too. Hope after seeing them, you will be inspired too. Xo...

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  1. I think people should eat more simply, less ingredients, better ingredients. This book looks like it does just that. I hope you enjoy making some new food!