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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello dear friends, any big plan for this weekend? my cousin and her two years old daughter plus her maid (yes she travels with her maid...) from Indonesia are here, they will stay with us for a few days. So we plan to bring them to the highland for some fresh air tomorrow. I think it is good for me to be away from the city for awhile too. It has been a hectic week at work.

Today I want to share about a little make over that I plan for my bedroom. Since I moved to our new place, most of our walls in the house was empty, only recently, we decorated our living room wall. I hung some frames of illustrations that I bought from various artist, I also paste the words EAT, LOVE, CUDDLE made from MDF card board that I bought from local artist above my sofa wall. Last month, I managed to hang another frames at our reading room. My daughter room, it is the most fancy room in our home :). We install wall papers with tiny daisy pattern in pink shades since in the very beginning when we did the renovation, We only installed in one side of the big wall as a feature wall for the room. Unlike those rooms,  my bedroom wall is currently bare. I gathered few ideas on my Pinterest board, I was thinking for days what can I possibly do with my bare wall without blowing my budget. This time I am not going for wall paper, however,  I thought of few DIY ideas.

Idea no.1 - Go for Garland
Firstly,  I thought I want to make ribbon garland  from assorted colors shades, however my wall is too huge for this type of  garland, so I keep this idea for my daughter's room future decoration project. Then I found this image below on the right  to be very suitable for my wall, I saw that Ikea's curtain rod can be used for this project, but I am not sure where can I get the giant wooden beads  to go with it :). I kind of like the idea of hanging my few pretty dresses at there....

Idea no.2 - Paint the wall squares
I get the idea when I saw this picture from HomeLife. The actual project is a textile with squares pattern and they hung it on the wall, but I am thinking if I can just buy a contrast pain color that suitable with my wall color and pain it using this pattern, it would be very cool, right? I am not really sure how is the actual technique to get the precise squares :).

Idea no.3 - Washi tape it
Washi tape is always my biggest obsession for DIY projects. Washi tape is versatile and always look good in anything. I also thought of making tapes frame for my illustration or monochrome portraits.  If I choose this project, I am thinking to use them as bed header.

Idea no.4 - Geometric shapes {wall decal}
I 've been pinning few geometric shapes and simple pattern of wall decoration. I love the simplicity of the shape yet still spark up the room. Bedroom for me is a serenity place that I can wind down and relax before I go to sleep, so I normally like to keep them less busy than other room. The wall paper will cost me a bit of money, so I opt for wall decal and install it my self.

And here comes a good news, Danielle from Urban Walls kindly offers a special 20% discount for all wall decal products in her Etsy shop for F4 Fabulous readers. So sweet of her!  I my self adore this gold polka dots pattern in gold color. I think it suits my light brown bedroom wall color. 50 dots  for USD29 with 20% special discount, I think it is a good deal.What do you think?

Use the code f4fabulous to get special additional 20% discount. The offer is valid from today (23rd Novemeber 2012) untill end of January 2013. Just in time to have room makeover for Holiday season :).

Ideas 1 - 1,2
Idea 2
Idea 3 -1,2
Idea 4 - Urban Wall
{Note: Ideas 1 image 2 - I can't find the original source for the image, if you know please let me know, thanks}
This post is collaboration with Urban Walls. It is not a sponsor or in kind post nor I get paid to write the content. Urban walls only offers 20% special discount to F4 Fabulous readers. The content is genuinely my personal opinion. 

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  1. I just love the geometric wall decals- very fresh and modern!