Happy weekend + {Minimalist font}

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello friends, I had two days public holiday in a week, It was fun though that I only work alternate day hehe...

Today post is a little bit light, as weekend is approaching, I thought I want to share some simple tips and simple font that I recently felt in love with. May be you also can try the tips during the weekend if you want to make your blog pictures a bit fancy. I don't have Photoshop nor I know how to use it. I really want to learn photo editing with Photoshop, but that has to wait first!

I used Picnik most of the time to edit my blog pictures before, when they closed down, I felt lost and disoriented a bit, I event paid the premium subscription for it as the usage became more frequent. For a while I couldn't find the substitute as easy as Picnik, until PicMonkey came into my world. They are kinda of life saver for me and my blog haaa.... also, you can start using this free editing tool without even registered as a member.

Recently, they add few new font to edit the pictures. I found that Quicksand is so versatile font, especially if you like minimalist font like me. I also love to play with their geometric shapes and edit the layering too. Here is 3 easy tips for those who are below novice skill (like me) to beautify your pictures: 

1. Select the edit box, upload the picture,  type the  text with Quicksand font and just position the text wherever they want it to be in the picture

2. Select the edit box, upload the picture, select the overlay geometry shapes, set the shape into fading mode degree in (when you select the shape, the editing floating tool will pop up), add the text into the shape.

 3. Click the edit box, upload the picture, select labels to make this polkadots frame, set the frame into fading mode degree (when you select the shape, the editing floating tool will pop up)

I hope this three simple tips are helpful for you. If you have any other free picture editing site or any simple tips, please share with us at the comment sections.... thank you. and Happy weekend.

{images are by me}


  1. hi Fenny, I love using Picmonkey too. Like the way you have applied your fonts. Have a great weekend Geraldine :) x

  2. Hi Fen.... Thanks for sharing.. I will try to use PicMonkey... Your blog is so pretty...!!!

  3. Holly cow, your daughter has grown so much!!!! Time flies... She's adorable!