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Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello friends and new friends.... I know I said this thousand times, but I can't believe it is a almost a weekend again... phew. Do you have any plan for the weekend? I do, plenty of them ha.... however, I will try to take it easy.

But before I bid a happy weekend to all of you, let's chat first :). This morning when I enjoyed my coffee, I was suddenly thinking about writing this topic on my post. I have a sort of coffee ritual time  everyday, during working days, the first time I step in my feet at my desk, I turn on my Mac and I make my self a cup of coffee. I check my emails and browse quickly my fave blogs while I drink my cuppa. That ritual will take me about half an hour before I actually kick off my brain to start working more seriously. If I miss the ritual I feel a little bit restless. On the weekend is different, I like to wake up early morning, making a cuppa and while enjoying it I catch up on my book reading or just browse Pinterest a little while (I minimize my online presence during weekend, except Instagram-ing once in a while) before my husband wake up and join my morning coffee time with me and we normally had casual chats for discussing our weekend activities.

I really love to just siting, meeting and spending my free time to look for a cozy coffee shops and  the best moment is whenever I met my girl friends to enjoy a cuppa and chat endlessly. I am lucky enough that living in Kuala Lumpur, there are plenty of indie coffee places. As much as I love Starbucks coffee, I am very fond of local cafes too. Do you have any coffee ritual times? or do you enjoy having a cuppa at the cozy cafes?

So now, for these weekend, I will bake a carrot cake for my coffee time at home. And I also thought of having craft time with my daughter. Making this garland and this project with my Washi tapes are the easiest DIY that suitable for Christmas. I also recently found the easiest apple cake recipe that can match my novice baking ability, may be you can try it for your self too. I am planning to have Christmas' high tea at home and invite few of my good friends, I will definitely include this cake in  the menu.

For next week, I will share one practical recipe for one (here is the previous one), and there are two good books that I am currently reading (this and this) and the reviews are  lining up to be on the blog too.
I wish you all have a good coffee (or tea) time over the weekend. Talk to you on Monday.

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  1. Hello Fenny! I just found your blog via Decor8 :) I like it! A coffee and a chat AND some practical suggestions on how to squeeze in that much craved for time to read other blogs! Thanks. This weekend my little sis is cooking, can't wait! I'm also having a craft day with a friend then we're catching up with the girls! I'll look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. Thank you For dropping by Rudelle :). My pleasure!