Monday Thought + {Simple Christmas DIY #1}

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello dear friends, How was your Thanksgiving celebration (for those who celebrates)? and how was the Black Friday shopping spree? I hope everyone is well and ready to celebrate Monday :). Remember to celebrate a little things....

My weekend was good, my cousin is still with us, my house is kind of chaos with two active toddler, however we are having so much fun. Alright, Christmas is approaching, I was doing some decoration for the past two weekends. My house almost feel like Christmas now, but I haven't had a chance to take pictures for the entire decorations. I did some few simple DIY projects to decorate my house, and I thought of sharing it here in my blog every Monday. May be I will make a 3 or 4 Monday posts, depend how many simple DIY projects I am going to make during the weekends :).

This is a bit silly, but in conjunction with my baking adventure (I wrote about it here), I decided to make this year Christmas theme related with baking and use mostly tin/stainless steal - silver color and elements. 

No.1 simple DIY project that I want to share with you today is transforming a cookie cutters into mobile decorations. I had the idea taken from my Holiday inspiration Pinterest board at here. I bought the material from IKEA and I use my left over assorted ribbons from my mood board assignment for BYW class. Just tie the ribbon at the top of the cookie cutter shape. That's all.

My daughter had fun with them and help me hung at her bedroom door handle. I hung them at my dining room light, book shelves door and cupboard. It was fun and very easy project.

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{images are by me}

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