Travel post : Summer holiday in Germany

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello everyone, this is a pre- schedule post. When this post up to my blog I will be in Melaka (a historical suburb town, 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur) for our company retreat. I will be staying there over night. 

Today, I thought to share some left over pictures from this year Summer holiday in Germany. I and my few friends went to few countries and Germany was one of the destination. We only went to a small towns in the south west Germany and Bavaria. I love small towns in Germany, the life is so laid back and peaceful. I had my morning walk in the Heidelberg town to grab fresh from the oven croissant, and enjoy the serene scenery. I also visited few farmers market around the town. During Summer we come to know that we have privilege to enjoy berries family abundantly, sweet and tasty. 

After few days we stayed at Heidelberg, We drove up to Bamberg that locates at the Bavaria and on the way to the destination, we stopped by at the very old city called Rottenberg to enjoy a vintage recipes ice cream and cakes. There are plenty of cute shops along the cobble stone pathway at the old town, we did not really plan our routes to drive and just decided to explore around the town, I guess that made the trip very meaningful too. We stopped by at the near by farm house and had our home cook meal in a small restaurant there.

Germany during Summer is very pleasant for me who live in the sunny country, the sky gets dark around 10pm and the average temperature is around 15-24 deg. Love it.

Traveling is one of my passion, I love to see the world. I wrote few travel reports for Bloesem too, you may want to drop by :). Next year January 2013, I will be visiting Ho Chi Minh city, it rates to be one of the exotic city in Asia, they said Saigon (the old name for HCM) is Paris of Asia. Then next Summer I will be in Bali for island holiday with my family. I can't wait for it :). 

Have a happy weekend....