Wednesday Picks {Holiday Edition} : Plush and Handmade dolls

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello dear friends, How is your Wednesday so far? I am a bit occupied this week, it is good to be busy once in a while and the weekend seem to arrive faster without I realize it. Today at the Wednesday Picks - Holiday Edition, I wanted to share few of my favorite plush and hand made doll that I have been pinning at my secret board :).

We are listing few Christmas presents for family and friends. My husband plans to buy mini iPad for my almost three years old daughter for her Christmas present. She will also enter her preschool next January 2013, so it is sort of the combination for that occasion too. However, I normally prefer to buy a real toys for her. I have nothing against parent who like to equip their children with the latest gadgets, but it is my personal preference for having a traditional or role play toys for my children. One of my all time favorite children's toys is a handmade doll or plush. I just bought the very cute stylist dress up doll from Sophie and Lili (I also featured her illustration works in my previous post at here) for Dania's Christmas present. I hope she will keep all her dolls that I bought throughout the years with her until she grown up and pass them to her daughter. Because every doll that I bought for her is normally handmade by several talented independent artist. It might be not as famous as Barbie, but it is one of a kind and special :). 

Here, few of my favorites. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Next week on the Wednesday Picks - Holiday Edition, my long time friend from Indonesia cum cake-preneur will share her festive cake recipe at here... yay, cant wait for it!

Shop list:
First row: 1. Sophie and Lili , 2. Jess Quinn
Second row: left. Darling Clementine, right. Esthex
Third row: 1. Cookie Cutter, 2. Lori Marie, 3. Darling Clementine
I also adore the signature handmade doll Matryoshka from my friend Marie and the collectable handmade doll from local Malaysian artist Evangelione

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