Wednesday Picks {Holiday Edition} : Cards for a dear friends

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello dear friends, I am happy to announce that from today onward, F4 fabulous Wednesday Picks series will present a Holiday Edition. I will be running the Holiday Edition till 19th December 2012 (it is a last Wednesday before Christmas). There will be few contributors in this series, they are lovely and talented ladies. They will share, tips and also DIY projects special for Wednesday Picks - Holiday Edition. Yay! kinda excited.  Don't you?

Alright,  to kick of the Holiday Edition, today I want to share few Holiday cards that on my wish list. I decided that I am going to send a real card instead of only wishing my friends through Facebook, Twitter or e-card, this year.  I think the old fashion way should be the way. I feel very thrilled whenever I received cards from dear friends at my mail box. Sadly, nowadays I am very seldom get one. On my birthday, I had hundreds wishes at my Facebook wall, but my mail box was empty, no real card was received. Not that I complain about it, however, the feeling of getting, opening and reading the real card is surreal :). What do you think? Do you like to get ones too?

This season, It seem my preference fall into most things about deer. I also smitten by the Nutcracker card series by Rifle Paper Co. They are just so adorable, isn't it? 

My personal tips when choosing a card:
I tent not to choose too Christmas-y or typical Holiday Seasons card, but I always opt to some everlasting graphics  or gorgeous topography card that my friends can pin it  into their mood board after they received it from me.

Shop lists:
First row: 1. Brooke Weeber , 2. Rifle Paper Co
Second row: 1. Susse Collection, 2. Kikki-K , 3. Poppy&Red
Third row: 1. Andreka Photography, 2. Hello Ten Fold, 3. Simply Rosie


  1. They're all so pretty! My fave of the ones you showed is the 1st left on the third row.

  2. these are all really good picks! I can't wait to see what else you find!