Wednesday Picks {Holiday Edition} : Holiday baking by Rumah Kue Ica

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today Wednesday Picks - Holiday Edition has  a special guest post, she is one of my middle school classmate from many donkey years ago from Indonesia, we still maintain our good relationship. Now, we are both mothers and she is also a 'cake-preneur', she will share one of her special cake recipe with us - Fruit Cheese cake.

Hello my name is Windy from Rumah Kue Ica (Ica's cake house). Everytime I think about holidays, the first thing that comes up in my mind is fun. And fun for me is when I jump into my lovely kitchen, having a great time with my stuff, and making a great and yummy cake to eat!!
This holiday, I decided to make a delicious and tasty cheesecake for the whole family. This cheesecake is our favorite one. The tenderness and scrumptious taste of cheese will bring fun into your day! I hope you enjoy the recipe...

The Recipe

For the crust
250 grams Oreo crumbs or any cracker crumbs will do
100 grams butter, melted
½ tsp of vanilla powder – (recommended using Vanilla extract)

For the Cake 
200 grams granulated white sugar
4 whole large eggs
1 kilograms cream cheese
200 grams sour cream – (or you can replaced it with thick plain yoghurt)

For the Topping
250 grams chocolate spread – (or you may change it with jam, any flavor as you like)
Assorted fresh fruits; kiwi, orange peel, strawberry – (or any others fruits, such as; grape, dragon fruits, mango will do good, anyway)
250 grams whipped cream   

How to :
•    Preheat your oven to 165 deg C.
•    Prepare 22cm spring-form and spread it with butter, and put aside.
•    Crush your Oreo crumb until smooth, and pour melted butter into it, stir well.
•    Put the buttery crumb into your spring form, make them flat and solid. To let the crust set, keep them in the freezer while you are preparing the cake ingredient.
•    Beat cream cheese until fluffy and put aside.
•    Stir sugar and egg until firm, add cream cheese and sour cream gradually and keep stirring with the electric mixer.
•    Pour your dough into spring-form above the crumbs, and oven it with au-bain-marie method (explanation here). Bake the cake for 90 minutes.
•    When the cake is done, cooled it in the room temperature.
•    Place the choco spread or your jams in the cake surface.
•    Arrange the fruits on top as a toppings.
•    Mix whipped cream firmly, and décor it as your desire.
•    Refrigerate for 4 hours or more before you served.
About Windy and Rumah Kue Ica
Windy is the founder of Rumah Kue Ica, she sells her cookies and cakes locally online. She also teaches her students how to bake, set up a cake business and become an online cake-preneur.

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