A little thought on Monday + {Christmas at home}

Monday, December 17, 2012

Good Monday everyone :). Today is my last week that I will be blogging. Next week is Christmas week and I decided to take two weeks off from blogging. I am in the process of revamping my blog design and also will putting more thought into how develop more authentic content and setting up my blog direction for next year. I've been actively blogging for four years, there are ups and downs, but I still love doing it, so I feel very accountable to my self and all of my dearest readers to always provide a good and authentic content at here, it is not about the quantities but quality. Furthermore,  through blogging I met truly friends in person and online, for that I am very thankful. 

I am certain that I will still blog three times a week instead of everyday for next year, because  I am taking a part time teaching job apart of my full time job as an educational trainer. I always want to teach young adults, with this part time job, I finally could connect with them directly. I am going to teach Technology in Education, first time ever! so two weeks off is a good time to focus on preparing my lesson material. Beside that, I also want to spend my time with my family to enjoy our holiday season before a busy year ahead.

That's a little update, for today I want to share a few pictures of my simple Christmas decoration at home. We do not have huge tree as everyone else, ours is tiny tree that I bought from 'as if' shelf at IKEA. Nevertheless, it made my daughter happy that we still have a Christmas tree :).

I handmade tiny poms poms using fork that I saw at this Pinterest, then I used my last year tiny disco balls decoration. The tree is small, so I only use those two ornaments to decorate plus tinsel and light. I put my pink birdie from my branches decoration (I put aside my branches decoration during this holiday session) for the tree topper.

I always love deers for Christmas decoration, I still keep my last year deers decoration from IKEA and I also put a tiny white fawn that I bought from Rottenberg- Germany beside my Christmas tree. For the other corner of my living room I put a tiny tree ornament, I used back my small red glittery  tree ornament and put it inside the jar. 

Remember about my DIY cookie cutters ornaments at this post? I hung them everywhere in the house as long as there are any place to hang :). This little deer is hanging at my bedroom door knob.

Lastly, I am now on Tout, had you register with it? We can take 15 second video. I shared 15 second of video how my Christmas tree looks like, however if anyhow you can't see the video from this post you can follow me at @fennysetiawan . Sorry I am still learning how to embed the code and use Tout properly.

This Wednesday is the last series of Wednesday Picks - Holiday Edition. My dear friend will share a short tips for table setting and entertaining  guest according her way. So please come back on Wednesday :). I will also announce the winner of the Giveaway on the same day. Xo.

 {Images are by me, here is the post of Christmas decoration last year}

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