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Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello everyone and hello again Friday. The countdown for Holiday season is getting really close. I am hosting a Christmas gathering at home next Saturday for my close girlfriends. I don't live in the big house, good enough to cater for 6-8 people. More than that my space and my kitchen could not survive. 

We actually very seldom hosting a party or friends come to our place, only for Christmas we make an exception. It is season of sharing the Joy, so since last year I decided to make as an annual affair to have close friends at home, cook for them and enjoy the hearty meal, laughter and each other companion. I have four practical rules to host a party for my own condition with the fact that  I live in the small space, a novice cooking skills and non complete dining utensils. Here they are...

1. Choose the theme
I love to have a theme in my party, no matter how casual it is I love to just think about what activity that I could to do with my guests. From there, I work out the menu and the setting. This year party will be something related with my baking craze, so I am having tea party at home and prepare simple crafting season with the ladies using cupcakes liners.

2. Simple home-cook food.
When hosting a party at home means it is hearty home-cook meal will be served. I am not an expert when comes to cook and bake, however I try to serve the best that I could do for my guests. So what I do is choosing the menu carefully, something that doesn't need the skill of the chef to make them, also has to be quick and practical for a small kitchen. I normally looking for the recipe with a short preparation, there are so many easy Hors d'oeuvre recipe I found and pinned at my Pinterest recipe board. I only have one small oven and one small electric stove, so I have to choose the menu of combination between baking and pot meal, with that, I won't jam up my oven nor my stove. I do the preparation - i.e. cutting the ingredient a night before. For bread, ham, pastry base and cake I will buy at the gourmet market.

3. Casual table setting
I do not have complete dining utensils. So I normally will go into mix and match, homespun type of style. I like to use natural color linen for my table clothes or sometime just bare. Simplicity is the key for small space. My dining table is not so big, so I keep the center piece also very simple with few tea light candle and flower buds in between.

4. Be a good host
Nothing new with this rule, of course I must be a good host, it also means, when I am hosting the party for my girlfriends and I feel want to spend only with my girlfriends, then I will make an arrangement with my hubby to have a daddy-daughter days out. So they can have a good time at the play ground or grandma place while I am entertaining my guests. The point is I always try my best to cater them and be comfortable at my home.


How about you? do you have any other rules to host small party at home? are you hosting a party soon?

Next week we will have special guest. She will share with us all about party and props for our Wednesday Picks - Holiday Editions. Also I will be sharing my last Monday series for simple DIY. Have a great weekend everyone...talk to you again next week.

1. Hearty prep - Milas-deli
2. Simple food - first two images ; Nico Allary, the rests are mine
3. Casual table setting- 1. Milas-deli, 2. Fog linen, 3. Jennifer Chong
4. Being a good host - Kinfolk

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