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Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello dearest friends, I am so excited for this weekend that my girl friends will come for gathering at my home. I am going to cook hearty light food for them. My kitchen will smell good tomorrow morning :).  It makes me happy every time I cook for them, friendship is a great things, I must treasure them. 

For my friends from far away, it shall not be forgotten either.  I collected few plain card throughout the year, I made simple handmade card for some of them. I always collect plain or random design card because I know I can't find a nice Holiday cards in Malaysia. If I want to buy them online, the delivery cost is killing me. so I made ones, this time I played a lot with MT tapes and decorative stickers. 

Beside cards, I also send them a package of random happiness (that what I called it). This is the things, I can't afford to send them a real presents, not because the value of the presents but because the delivery cost can be more expensive than the present it self. So I thought to send something that can fit the bubble envelope and weigh as a document instead of package. Here, I came with an assortment of a little things, such as sticks notes, little ornaments, old fashioned paper games, and so on. I put them randomly inside the glassine envelope and decorate them nicely to be together with the cards. May be I really sound stingy here...but hey, the thoughts is counts not the value, right?

And now, some of these cuties are ready to be sent to the other part of the worlds. I hope this little packages of random happiness will make my dear friends happy too... 

Have you prepare and send any card or gift to your dear friends too? it is such a fun time right when we are wrapping a gift for our dear friends or love ones and the thought to make them smile when they received it.... ohh you also still have a chance to enter the lovely giveaway that sponsored by Ann from Beautiful Revelry. Please click here to enter. This giveaway will end next Monday. Hurry up!. and Happy weekend. Talk to you on Monday.


{images are by me}

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  1. I know what you mean about the cards in Malaysia. Love your creativity and those little gifts look amazing. I always prefer receiving something that comes across more personal than commercial. Happy weekend x