Monday Thought + {Simple Christmas DIY #3}

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hi everyone, happy Monday. How was everyone doing during the weekend? I went to the midnight book sale, it was need so much effort to stay awake. I went there with my book worm buddy while my hubby n little one stayed at home and ready to sleep. That was the first 24 hours book sale that I ever attended. The crowd during midnight was forgiving, not so jam packed like during the days, I was surprise actually still so many people with small children were lingering around till 3am in the morning. Wow, Malaysian must loves book, or rather loves good bargain books :). I got my few of  Jaime Oliver's cooking books for almost 95% discount. I love that guy!

Today is the last series of Christmas simple DIY, if you missed the first two project, you can see them at here. And, today project is decorating Christmas light using cupcake liner. Simple, easy and the result is just so lovely. And of course, it is inline with my Christmas theme this year - baking craze. it is compliment my cookie cutter mobile ornament that I hung at my living room and my bedroom door. This light that I made, I hung them in the kitchen area. I used a simple white liners and silver ribbon, but you can decorate them in any color and pattern. I tried a red gingham and it just came out so classy and lovely too. I bought the light from IKEA, I love them because it is LED (power saving product), not so many light in a rows and it powered by battery that easy to hung them everywhere without worrying about the nearest power plug.

I am thinking to make this project as part of my Christmas tea party' activity with my girl friends next week. So everyone could go home with lovely handmade decorative lights. What do you think?

This is where I hung them at my kitchen cabinet where I store my non everyday use plates and utensils.

And the little one likes them too...

Also, Don't forget to come back and visit this precious space this Wednesday for exciting post by the special guest, I call her the party props queen, and she will sponsor a lovely giveaway for dearest F4 Fabulous readers... yay!

{images are by me}

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  1. These lights are so original. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a lovely Christmas x