Wednesday Picks {Holiday Edition} - Party props and GIVEAWAY

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello my dear readers. I am so excited that today we have my lovely friend cum party-preneur Ann Thomas from Beautiful Revelry all the way from Singapore. She will share with us Winter Wonderland cupcake styling and on top of that, she is kindly enough to sponsor a lovely GIVEAWAY for dearest F4 Fabulous readers. Are you excited? I am... let's read what Ann said about today styling...

If you’re longing for a snowy winter in tropical South East Asia, you may have to create it and make-belief yourself with these ideas.

Here’s a look at what I put together. I don't own an oven in my current apartment, and so had to make do with what I could find from the neigbourhood bakery to suit my colour palette. I'll be going through each element used, so you can re-create it or use these ideas as a base to build upon with your own creativity!

A dessert affair for two doesn't call for fancy props or serve ware. I used crepe paper in substitute of plates to collect those cupcake crumbs. Available in a multitude of colours, you'll almost definitely find a colour that will fit in perfectly with your styling requirements.

Origami kusudama flower toppers were used to dress up my cupcakes, and I couldn't help but create a mini pom pom topper as well!

Wooden cutleries and paper straws were presented in favour bags that accented the food presentation, and served as a napkin holder.

Crepe paper was also used to dress up my coasters in the form of a paper rosette. I strung sequin around faux acorns to create little notes around my table.

Cupcakes were dressed up in thematic wrappers, and guests were sent home with a cupcake each, in a handmade box!

Alright sweethearts.... do you like the sweet winter wonderland cupcake styling? Here comes the good things, Ann is currently sponsoring the giveaway of this thematic styling, which are include:
  • 25 paper straws in stripes & plain powder blue
  • 4 polka dot favor bags & 4 chevron favor bags in powder blue
  • 2 paper flower toppers in blue & white
  • 1 fork &1 spoon wooden utensil in pale blue
To enter the giveaway is easy;

You just need to leave your comment about what is your favorite Holiday theme in the comment section. That's it!

However, you are entitled for one each extra entry if;
1.You tweet about this giveaway (please tag me @sfenny, so I can keep on record)
2. You pin about this giveaway
Note: After tweet or/and pin please leave your comment at the comment section to let me know, so I can include your second/third comment into random selection.

This giveaway is open worldwide, until 17th December 2012 (next Monday) - 11am MST , and winner will be announced on next Wednesday 19th December 2012.

Hurry! go get them for your holiday styling at home :)

About Ann and Beautiful Revelry.
Beautiful Revelry is a boutique party experience based in Singapore created by Ann Thomas. Ann adores design aesthetics which often include illustrations and shades of spring that bring forth warm and happy feelings. She strongly believes in living life beautifully. 
{images and styling are courtesy of Beautiful Revelry for F4 Fabulousblog. Giveaway sponsored by Beautiful Revelry}

Update on 17th December 2012 : Giveaway is closed. Winner will be announced on Wednesday.


  1. This is such a beautiful Winter styling, well done Ann! I have never have enough props for my own party styling, I would love to win this giveaway...

    My fav Holiday theme may be pastel colors as seen recently on Citrus & Orange blog. But this year I have sticked to red, white, silver and added aqua to my own Christmas tree :-)

  2. I have also pinned it on Pinterest :-). Very beautiful styling!

  3. Nice post!! For me, the best holiday theme is about nature and leisure. The properties that I will use of course, wood base. nature leaves. With messy style, spreading chocolate or coffee powder around the cake/cupcake.. love it..