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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share this post with all of you. After seeing my simple DIY series that I posted at two consecutive Monday, finally today we can have a more real DIY project for adding a sweet sparks at our home. Marie, my super supportive blogging friend and also sewing queen (that's what I call her ;p) shared her no sewing machine - Christmas Heart in felt project with us. She said this ornament is very versatile, we even can make it without waiting for festive season to come. Honestly, I will do this my self for my daughter room. I don't own a sewing machine and my sewing ability is below novice, but I am pretty sure this project is not difficult to achieve. I really hope you will enjoy them as well...  Ok, let's Marie take over with the step by step instruction...shall we?

What you will need:
  • felt: of the color you wish; I have chosen red and white, but any color will be nice
  • embroidery cotton thread of a matching color with the felt you have chosen (DMC is good)
  • a handful of polyester fiber to fill up the heart
  • pompoms of matching colors too
  • ribbon: the length will very much depends on where you will hang your Christmas decoration. I used about 75cm to be able to hang it on my kids bedroom’s windows
  • regular cotton thread to sew the pompom on the ribbon
  • a needle for the embroidery thread (the eye needs to be slightly bigger)
  • a needle for the regular thread
  •  scissors
  •  a pen (special fabric or not)

Step 1:
Using the template provided, cut the heart shapes (two per item) in the felt.

Step 2:
With the pen, write on the felt the words you wish to embroider. A few examples:
- Be Merry
- your child’s name
- sweet, kiss, love, hug, …
- Be happy
- Best wishes
Be creative and thoughtful!

Step 3:
Start the embroidery on one of the hearts using the embroidery thread. You can also embroider both hearts (if you plan to hang this decoration on your window for example). If you are a confirmed embroiderer, use whatever stitch you want. If you are a beginner, you can start with a running stitch as shown on the photos here.

Note: you can double the thread so that the word you embroider stands out.

Step 4:
Once the embroidery has been completed, the next step is to sew the two hearts together with a blind stitch. Feel free to use other types of stitches if you wish: straight or buttonhole stitches will both work for this project. Leave a 4 cm space before you completely close the heart to insert the polyester fiber.

Note: you can choose to insert the ribbon now in between each heart and fix it while sewing the hearts together. Also if you run out of thread half way through, make sure you tie your knots in between hearts for a clean look (see picture).

Step 5:
It’s time to fill up your heart with the polyester fiber, insert enough of it to make your heart looks full. You can now complete the sewing and completely close the heart with the remaining thread. If you haven’t inserted the ribbon at step 4 above, you can fix it now with the regular cotton thread (see No.4 photo at below collage).

Step 7:
You can now add the finishing touch, aka the pompoms to be sewn on the ribbon. I sew three red pompoms on my 75cm ribbon. It’s up to you to sew more, or less. You can alternate colors, or choose only one color (as I did).
Last, you can make a little knot at the top of the ribbon if you are to hang up your decoration on the wall or window.

Voila, c’est fini!
As mentioned, you may want to not add the ribbon, and use your felt decoration on your Christmas tree, on a wreath or as a gift tag (you will have to embroider the name of the recipient though).

Merry Christmas to all!

Marie is fashion & jewelry designer, aspiring prop stylist and a party planner catching up with her passion for pretty little things that sparkle & shine, She is currently based in Tokyo, Japan with her family. She runs a blog Etincelle Creative Studio where she can shares bits of her life, her travels, her finds and creations - also available in her online shop.

{images are courtesy of Etincelle Creative Studio for F4 Fabulousblog}

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