A little thought on Monday

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday and hey there.... How was your weekend ? Mine was expected to be relax and it does. On Saturday after I dropped my daughter to my in law house, I went for a hair cut, I thought only a trim but ended up having a short hair :). I also was so happy that finally my plant started to corporate with me, after a long waits they blossomed. I cut and place them on top of my dining table.

I spent my quiet time to catch up with some reading. I am getting tired of hopping that my house will be always in a proper order, clean and perfect, however having an active little lady at home , that will be a rare case. I read the perfectly imperfect home. The book is nothing to do with how to manage a messy home, it is a cute interior book with a beautiful illustration. I just struck by the tittle, it made me feel having a perfectly imperfect home is the key here. Home is one of the place on earth that my little one feels comfortable with, it is her playground to express her interest, to pretend that she is a master chef with her mock up kitchen set. So, thinking about those happy little moments for her, the mess up is perfectly ok. When she grows up and abandon her home play ground, I am gonna miss that moment for sure and the clean perfect home doesn't matter anymore.

Above is just my little thought on Monday :). Here is some pictures that I took during the weekend to share how I enjoyed relaxing, baking and my little companion till my husband back this Wednesday. 

Happy Monday!

{images are by me for F4 Fabulous blog}

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