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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello dearest friends, I hope your day is much better than me. My daughter has a disturbing cough and made her vomit several times. I took emergency leave and just backed from the hospital, it's nothing serious but it is very uncomfortable for her. I am glad that she is sleeping now, so she has some rest after several times vomiting. I was so tired of cleaning and changing the bed sheet, I thought I want to take a break from my Wednesday blogging, but I have a second thought and here I am :).

Recently Gathering Magazine released their White Issue, and my dearest blogging friend Vicki from Simply Hue got her home featured in the magazine. I love how she decorated her small space with mostly white hues and make the space so simple, cozy and bright. I asked her sometimes ago where she bought the white deer head because I am really loving it. I found where to buy however the delivery cost is just unjustifiable, I understand about the expense as it is heavy but I also might need to face the Malaysian custom either (event though the deer head is a fake one), so I decided not to but online instead will continue to find locally.

Here, I created a lists of white objects that I really adore and currently in my shop lists. Hope you like them :)

Happy Wednesday, I will talk to you this coming Friday.

Shop lists:
Print deco - Amelia presents
Cotton string - Follow Paper Co
ribbon -Inkkit
Xoxo letter decoration - Simplychi

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