A little thought on Monday : a Little treasure

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello everyone. I am sorry I have not been blogging regularly. Last week I took a few days off for personal reason. Today I just want to share a little shop that I found during my visit to Saigon last month. It called the Cotton House, I tried to browse if there any website but I could not find them. What I love about this shop is they sell plenty of quality English and Japanese cotton textile with a very reasonable price. I also love their hand sewn embroidery that likely from the French influence. The country indeed has a strong French influence. I bought pair of top and trousers with little strawberry embroidery for my daughter and she loves it so much, makes me smile when I saw her cuteness wearing them. 

I am preparing my Saigon traveling post for Bloesem blog. I have been contributed few of post at Irene beautiful blog. So I will reserve the rest of the post for her readers, when it is up I will let you know so you can visit by :).

Happy Monday.

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