Happy Friday + {Short gateaway at Avillion}

Friday, February 15, 2013

As promised, I want to share few pictures during our Chinese new year break at Avillion beach resort - Port Dickson, Malaysia.
Dania, my daughter never seen a real beach, me and my hubby always love beach holiday and we wanted to let our daughter to experience it since young. Turned up she love it very much. So now we can plan our next vacation to Bali :).

I personally like Avillion for short gateway, especially the water chalet. It is more expensive than garden chalet but stay in the water chalet is definitely worth the money, you will be spoiled by the sound of the ocean and a beautiful horizon.  The resort has few activities to over for children, so they will always occupied and not be bored, beside the beach is reasonably nice. I really wanted to chill at the adult pool (picture below) but I can't because I have Dania and she really love to swim. So we spent most hours in the family swimming pool and beach.

Another indulgence that worth to try for us, ladies is the Avi Spa that belong to the hotel. The Spa location is fantastic. Again, they will spoiled us with the assorted traditional massage and treatment to choose from and of course the beautiful scenery. The price will make you gulping your saliva though haha... however, once in a life time, treating your self for luxury spa is not sinful at all.

Happy Weekend....

{images are by me for F4 Fabulous blog}

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  1. You lucky person Fenny ! We usually go to Langkawi when we return to KL. Port dickson reminds me of my childhood. To be honest, I can't really remember it but now that I've seen what you can get there, may be worth a visit our next holiday. The spa sounds absolutely divine.... :) xx