Happy weekend and a little update

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hi all, How have you been doing lately? I hope I did not disappoint you with my little and less frequent update in this blog. Lately I have been so busy with my works and juggle my time to balance my personal life as well. I took teaching job and some freelance training job outside my full time job, it was a hectic, but I enjoy it. I work my butt off to earn more for our future plan. I will share with  you about the plan after everything is firmer. 

Yesterday I took a day off. I accompanied my daughter at home, her school had a field trip but only valid for 4 years and above, so she had to stay at home as the day care was closed. I am glad I had one day off and we had a great time at home. These pretty much what we did:

Breakfast together.

No iPad day instead playing a real toys :) My hubby made these doll house from the recycle corrugated boxes.

I was preparing my lecture class for next week in my bean bag while she was playing.

Did some laundries

Talked and Watered my plants

And had comfort snacks and napped in between.

Life is good. Happy weekend.


(images are by me for F4Fabulous blog)

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  1. sweet little cardboard houses. What a creative husband and a very cute daughter x