Wednesday picks: EASTER Egg

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Lovelies. Wednesday picks is back... phew. I managed to slowly pull back my inspirations that fly away for a while...

Today I am so much inspired by Easter egg decorations. I pinned a numbers of DIY at here, but I stumble upon these four fun DIYs that I thought are pretty unique. The level of difficulty is vary, however not impossible to make. I would like to try one of these DIYs during the Easter. Even though, we do not normally celebrate Easter with egg decorating, bunnies and brunch. It is more a solemn celebration for me to give thanks to my savior who died in His cross for our sins. Therefore,  I think it is still a fun activity that I can introduce to my daughter who just turned 3 few days ago.

I hope you will have fun too :).

Images and DIY tutorial:
1. Calligraphy eggs - Bonappetit
2. Temporary tatto - Country Living
3. Chalkboard paint - Liebesbotschaft
4. Family Photos -  A Subtle Revelry

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