Monday local delights: Acme Bar and Coffee

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi dearest friends....
I am so sorry whenever you visited my blog, you found no updated posts. I thought I will start blogging regularly again last month, however work and life commitment are really overwhelming. I ve been working for 50 hours a week for the past two weeks. Adding into it,  my part time job as a lecturer is killing my spare time too. Do not get me wrong, I really love my students and the job. But these few weeks, I had to prepare the exam questions, marking assignment and guiding my students for their exam prep. Oh, boy! I am actually working extra hard, huh...:)

This week is an exam break and I won't be teaching again till June, thus, I can relax a bit and spend three times a week blogging here. In between of my busy time, I still relatively blessed that I was able to spend my quality time with my family in the evening and hang out few times with my friends. Last weekend is my last Saturday in this month that I need to work. Right after I finished working, my friend was kind enough to bring me for a cozy dinner at Acme Bar & Coffee. This place resides in the high-class of Troika Soho KL and this dining place is blog worthy.

I personally love the interior, they have massive windows that allow plenty of natural light, making a dining experience become cozier. The food is good, their pulled duck open -faces sandwich is a must to try. They have massive collection of wines too. For KL standard, their pricing is very affordable.
I also can't help it, but I love their rest room design, very industrial looks. 

This is the view from outside. We strolled a bit after dinner to enjoy the cooling air. So sorry if the picture is not too clear.

In between of my long break of blogging, I also went to dine at Ploy, Fat Spoon and Ben's general food store . These places are also worth to dine if you are so happen live or visit KL.

In the other flip of a good thing, General Election 2013 is coming soon. Criminal rates is getting unbearable higher. So be safe peeps.
Talk to you soon....

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