A little thought on Monday + {cookies recipe}

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello friends. Happy Monday.
How was your weekend? I have an early celebration for Father day. I treat my hubby to the family friendly Korean restaurant, I will share about the place in my incoming post.

Now, I love to bake recently. I baked a lot of cakes and cookies, but I seldom to take a picture of them, my baking timing is really when the natural light is already gone. I am still very junior to take picture with my DSLR, event I owned for so many years and I am pretty much depending on natural light to take a slightly better pictures :). 

Baking and cooking are really the way to wind down my hectic working day, I enjoy to provide meals to my family and bake nice cakes for my friends. My hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth, so he is not really fancy the cakes but he is very supportive with my baking activity :).

Oatmeal and raisin soft cookies is easy to make and my all time favorite. I often to make this cookies and keep them in airtight container for my snacks time in the office. My daughter also like them but she doesn't really fancy the raisins, so often she will pick the raisins aside while eating it.


This is behind the scene of making the cookies and the reason why I love to bake, I can spend much more quality time with my daughter, because she always eager to be involved or just sit beside me playing her toys. I hope this will be her fave activity till she grown up :).


Recipe was adopted from here . Except:
1. Instead of mixing with white sugar I opt for fully using brown sugar. 
2. I also use self raising flour and add a little bit of baking powder.
3. I boiled the raisin and use the raisin boiling water a little bit to add the aroma and make the raisin softer. 

{Images are by me}

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