A little thought on Monday

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello everyone. How is your Monday so far? For anyone who live in Malaysia and Singapore, we are pretty much annoyed with the hazardous air that we received for these days. I really hope that it will be over soon. I am taking EL but still working at home today, my daughter school is closed due to the haze. I barely see the building opposite from my 13th floor, and my throat is getting irritated. I am trying very hard to still be cheerful despite the hazardous air. I always believe there will be always blessing in disguise, today I am going to spend my whole afternoon with my little one, playing to be a school teacher, sing a song and do coloring. 

I recently learning Korean and I enjoy every second of it. It is an interesting language to learn, I love Hangul (the Korean alphabet), I am getting really addicted by it. Have you ever so motivated to learn a new language? I've been married with my husband for 8 years plus and never really pick up his mother language which is Cantonese. He picks up all my Javanese -Indonesian accent pretty well though haha. We converse in English in our daily life.

Oh by the way, one of the reason I am suddenly into Korean language was because I am a fans of Lee Min Ho and I like his movie. I know it kinda corny and I kinda kid my self to share it here. Not that I am like head over the heels fan thingy, but yes that could be one of the reason I am so serious about it... so I guess that's a good motivation to learn a new thing, huh? and he is coming for his concert this Saturday,  the ticket is expensive for his average skill of singing, nevertheless I bought it for my self, er correction, my husband bought it for me and I am going to be sitting in VVIP to see him sings, haha... sometime in live weather we feel we are too old to do certain things, but sure doing one crazy things can really spark our ordinary live.... 

Happy Monday, peeps!

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  1. Love to see people who love to learn my language! ^__^ Everyone I know loves Lee Minho, ahha. Have a happy monday! (and week!)

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  2. Hi Fenny,
    Haven't been to your blog for sometimes, so I stop by and really enjoy reading your updates.

    Good to hear you're learning Korean now. How exciting... I never watch Korean drama, so I don't know who is Lee Min Ho. I'm sure he's super cute and gorgeous. Let me know how his concert goes :-) hahah..

    Hope you are well dear. Despite all the haze and smoke...