Happy father day {an early celebration + happy weekend}

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hello friends, This Sunday is a father day, do you have any plan to celebrate with your dad, dad in law or hubby? We had an early celebration last week, where we spent our Sunday lunch till late afternoon at Namoo on the park. This place is just awesome for family outing. I will tell you about it in this post.

Alright, if you follow my blog, I often to share about dining places in town, and as you noticed, it often been in Publika. I  rarely go out in weekdays and I choose a place to spend for weekend. I really like to go Publika, because it is near my house, good place to hangout and so many good eating places, cozy cafes and good coffee shops, what else can go wrong, right?

My friend told me about Namoo on the park and since I am learning Korean language, I have been engrossed with everything Korean..haaa. So I decided to treat my husband to have lunch at there and had a quality time as a family. 

What I love most about the place is because they have the most awesome alfresco dining in the area. It is attached with a very lovely, clean and safe park. If you live in Kuala Lumpur you will understand why we are longing for clean and safe park for our children, it is hard to get, I am just lucky enough I have a well maintained play ground at my condo, so my daughter has an outdoor avenue to play.

We ordered Bulgogi, Rice burger, Kimchi cake rice and sweet potato cake. The sweet potato cake is one of my favorite. Another plus point if you are having a brunch or lunch at this place is your children will never get bored and beg you to go home, because while you are enjoying your appetizer or dessert in the alfresco, you can let them play in the park without any worries. The park is pretty confined and just beside where you sit. There are many children but not crowded either. My daughter was so happy to be able to play for an ample time, and she was so obedient to be back on the table when it was time to have her meal. I also brought her coloring book and let her did her activity while she a time out. 

My husband had a really great time too. So I guess it is a good place if you wish to celebrate a father day as a little family. Happy weekend and Happy Father day!

{images are by me}

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