Wednesday picks: {Style Post} + Attire for casual concert

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello bubbles.... How is your Wednesday so far? After attending long meeting finally I am able to write this post during my lunch time. Do you remember my post about me attending my first big concert alone? yeah, the guy that painfully good looking K-pop artist, Lee Min Ho (이민호) is in town soon and the concert will be happening this Saturday.

I just checked with the organizer more detail about the venue, the VVIP facilities, the dress code, etc. I know I am a little bit exaggerated about it, but you have to understand me, in my 30th something of my life I really never go to the real concert. The furthest I attended was a charity musical concert with few hundred audiences. And here we are talking about few thousand audiences, adding they are mostly teenagers, adding they will be likely hysterical and adding the venue has no air con. I am a grown up woman, being alone in those pool of high energy lots and steamy warm venue... I must do something to prepare, right?

My good friends saw my excitement for me going to the concert, they gave me a lot of suggestion for doing crazy things. But NO I am not going to flash my boobs in front of the flower boy, or wearing tutu dress -teenager wanna be. I am going to wear something comfortable to accommodate the stuffy venue. Something casual yet decent in my age :). I will also carry my medium sling bag, because I need to stuff my water bottle, wallet, cosmetic purse, mobile phone cum camera yest still handy to carry. No heavy make up and exaggerated accessories,  blush on and soft lipstick for my face, Bobbi hair pin for my medium length hair. 

And not forgetting my watch. So I can measure my timing and be there on time, not to be in hurry to take the lift to the roof top with other thousand audience. Then I think I am completely ready to be hysterical for two hours..lalalala....

Have a good day!

Shopping list:
1. The looks
2.These goodies through Jeanne Chan's Luvocracy's lists, she recommends lotsa of awesome stuffs, check it out!
(The bag, the booth, Pink watch, Bobbi Brown lipstick)
3. Bobbi hairpins 

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