A little thought on Monday + {Trip to Korean village}

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello friends. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I had a really active one. I spent my Saturday morning in the gym, then I went to the mall for a little mid year sale shopping after I dropped my husband for work. After that I went to swim with my daughter then I had dinner with my good friend at Korean Village. Sunday was more relaxing, but my daughter wanted to have another swimming session with me, so I went to swim again to accompany her. It was pretty amazing about the amount of the calories that I burned haaa...

I want to share my little experience for visiting Korean Village for  the first time during my eight years living in KL. It is just a few row of shops full of Korean restaurant, mini markets and some few Korean language courses. That's about it! However, I found many cooking ingredient that I rarely find in the local grocery store nearby, so I do not mind to be back there for a little grocery shopping. I met a nice lady who own the grocery store and taught me some tips to make a delicious bibimbap (비빔밮) while I bought the ingredient for it. I was practicing my Korean a little bit with her too :). I also found the DanMuJi (단무치) that I have been looking for to make kimbab (킴밥) this weekend.

My good friend who brought me there, he is working with Samsung, and he really knows every single restaurant in the village. He tried them almost all. Amazing huh? So he is my guide who brought me around where to buy the fresh Bulgogi meat, where to eat the Korean mixed rice, big wok, etc and which restaurant open till 4pm in the morning and served good Soju.

After a little shopping, we end up to have dinner in the alfresco restaurant called Jung Won Korean BBQ restaurant, the restaurant is outside the Korean village area, about 10 min drive and located in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. They serve a very delicious Bulgogi and Ojinguh bokkeum (Stir fried octopus with red pepper sauce). I always like Korean Banchan (small side dish), I actually can just eat the Banchan alone without the main dishes :). For only two of us, our orders were pretty enormous.

Alright, that was a quite fun experience. I wish you a happy Monday, I will be back on Wednesday!

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