Happy weekend and a few things to catch up with

Friday, July 5, 2013

It is weekend, again. How was your weekday so far? Mine was pretty flat, you know there are some days that you just feel regular, nothing to shout about, that is pretty much for me for these past few days.

My husband is working this weekend and my daughter will have her grandma to be occupied with. So it left me thinking what can I do to catching up with my self. Actually, I will not be alone per say, my mother in law will normally spend her weekend at our home, she will entertain my daughter till the little one thinks mommy is just a living object moving around in the house. Well, I do not mind at all, it is normally the time that I finally can have a little break.

Few things that I usually do for staying away from my mobile and sign off from virtual world;

1. Catching up with my books
During the weekend, I tent to avoid TV either so book and music is the next choices.  I have a bunch of good book that ready to accompany me over the weekend. Lately I have been reading a lot of recipe books from celebrity chefs.

2. Trying a new recipes
It only makes sense if I practice what I read. I am seldom to use my kitchen in weekdays, so I always feel good to finally use them during weekend. The smell of home-baked or home-cooking meal are appealing.

3. Going to the gym
Only recently I added this activity in my lists. I am a pretty much determined for working out nowadays. The Gym is located just at down-stair of our condo, indeed very convenience. ( I will share about my workout regime in next week posting)

I also will have dinner on Saturday night with my friend, we will visit little Korea and explore the food there. I need to buy some ingredient to make my first kimbab (김밥) from the Korean supermarket. 

So I really wish that you will have a good weekend. Talk to you again on Monday.

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