Happy weekend + {cooking for one #3}

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello friends, it's almost weekend. Time flies pretty fast when you just say 'yes' to life, isn't it? I am looking forward for tomorrow, because my girl friends will come to my house to celebrate my 30s something belated birthday party. We are going to do a bento workshop, means we are making Japanese mix with Korean food and decorate them in our bento box. 

Meanwhile, I am going to share another cooking for one - easy recipe. It usually happen when my husband is not around then I will make something easy yet healthy for my self. Here are the cooking for one recipe #1 and #2

I am very conscious about eating more healthier food nowadays. I ate more raw veggie/salad and also skinless chicken. My favorite part is the thigh, it is more juicy. So last weekend when my husband wasn't join me for lunch I made skinless chicken thigh and pea sprout and cheery tomatoes salad. I roast two thighs, the other one I shredded and mix with my rocket salad for dinner. The picture of the roast chicken might be a little bit look like uncooked, because I removed the skin, but the taste is still delish :)  

Skinless roast chicken thigh
2 chicken thighs
1 lemon
2 stalk of Thyme or Rosemary
Black paper and salt for seasoning

1.Season the chicken with black paper, salt and squeeze of lemon (include the whole lemon and stuff in between of the chicken thighs.
2.Stuff the herbs too.
3. Roast/baked for 40 min, in between sprinkle with water if too dry. 
Pea sprout and cheery tomatoes salad
A handful of pea sprout
4-5 Cherry tomaotes

1. Pour the excess of the broth from the roast chicken to season the salad
2. Squeeze a little bit of lemon into the salad to balance the savory taste from broth.

Then it is ready to serve :).

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