Happy Weekend + {cooking for one #4}

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hello Friends, any plan yet for your weekend? my daughter has been asking me about baking a pink cupcake for her 'birthday celebration'. She always thinks whenever we bake a cake, it means her birthday, how cute :). So this weekend I likely spend time with her baking and relaxing while my husband need to work a little bit.

I almost finish the basic module of learning Korean, I am pretty much able to read and construct  sentences using modals, past and present form. Making progress is always a pleasant feeling, right?
Oh and today I want to share another super simple recipe for cooking for one that I made during our bento workshop. I made Kim Bab (김 밥) for my friends, but this dish really quick to make and suitable for individual lunch/dinner as well. I am learning to cook Korean food, and the first thing that I tried is Kim Bab. There are few other dishes in my lists, If the time to try, I am sure I will share them here with you :).

I did the easy way to roll the dish. I bought a sushi mould instead of using traditional way, by rolling the dish with bamboo roll. The mould can use both for Sushi and Kim Bab, both look similar, however they have few distinguished differences. I include a fun fact in the end of this post as a cultural insight for you to check :). After I mould the rice, fill in the ingredients only then I wrap the rice with the seaweed using the bamboo roll. I feel this method is less messy and faster.

Kim Bab ingredient shall be cooked. Unlike Sushi, none of them is raw. The fun thing is you do not need to really follow the strict rule about what should we put inside as a filling. I made both vegetarian and non vegetarian filling. For vegetarian, I replace the crab sticks with avocado to have a creamy taste.

I bought the crab sticks and Korean pickle (Dahn Moo Jee- 단뭋지) made for Kim Bab, so I do not need to cut to alter as it fits perfectly inside my mould. You can get the ingredient in your local Korean/Asian supermarket. Oh another thing, I also prefer to use short grain rice (Japanese rice) instead of long grain/normal rice. I tried both and the short grain gives me a better texture and less sticky.

(adopted from here)

(For 1-2 person, and you can keep in fridge if there is an excess, reheat and make again anytime - not advisable to keep more than 4 days )
2 cup of short grain rice
1 bunch of spinach
1/2 carrot
5 sticks of crab sticks / substitute with cut avocado for vegetarian
5 strips of Korean pickles or Kim Chi (both gives a pleasant sour taste)
5 sheet of seaweed

Rice Seasoning
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of black sesame seeds
1 teaspoon of salt

Preparation / Cooking
Rice – Make steamed rice, I am using rice cooker, and just follow the instruction for the composition, not too sticky though. And keeps warm in the rice cooker until it is ready to roll. While rice is cooking, make the rest of the ingredients ready.

Spinach – Blanch in boiling salt water for 10 seconds. Rinse with cold water and drain.

Carrot – Julienne thinly and stir-fry in hot pan with vegetable oil. Add 1 pinch of salt.

Crab meat stick – Grill on the pan for a couple of minutes.

Picked radish – ready cut for Kimbap purpose, or if it is not cut it to long strips.

If use :
Kim Chi - cut and arrange accordingly

Avocado - medium ripe, cut and arrange accordingly

Transfer rice into a large bowl. Season with the sesame oil, salt and sesame seeds. Gently mix the rice to season evenly and also to let the steam out. Leave the rice to cool off for about 5-10 minutes. Rice should be warm but not steaming hot because the hot steam may break the seaweed paper.

Put the rice on the bottom of the mould, arrange the filling then top with the rice and then press the mould cover firmly till form a rice roll. (if you bought the sushi mould, it comes with a clear instruction how to use it). 

Spread the bamboo mat and put the seaweed on top of it. Put the rice roll in the edge of the seaweed.
Start rolling slowly. Occasionally press and squeeze to keep the shape tight. Repeat the roll-press-roll-press process. When you reach toward the end, wet the edge of the seaweed paper to create glue.

Cut Kim Bab with serrated knife. I found that cutting Kim Bab with serrated knife is easier, unless your ordinary knife is very sharp, if not it will ruin the roll or tear the seaweed wrap. Make it 1/3-1/4 inch thick, or whatever fits your mouth.


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