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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hello there. How are you today? Yesterday was my birthday, I had a blast with so many birthday wishes from my friends and family. Thank you so much for remembering my special day. I never been feeling so young, fit and fabulous like before. I will continue to embrace life, I am thankful to God by blessing me another year ahead. Live life, people :)...

Alright, today in my Wednesday picks, I would like to share about the recent Summer 13 issue from Luscious e-mag. I really enjoy digging the healthy recipes that they share. It is so happen in the past 2 months and so, I totally change my eating habit. I exercise almost daily or 3-4 times a week. I run, swim and recently try the light weight lifting. I eat more raw vegetables and fruits,  I avoid red meat and reduce my caffeine intake. I will share more about my fitness regime next time. 

Back to the magazine, they offer few easy salad recipes that does not require complicated ingredient and lengthy preparation. It suits me and other working mom that wish to still prepare a healthy dinner after a long day at work.

We do not have Summer in Malaysia, well, we have a warm weather all year long actually. I spent my Summer 2011 in Los Angeles. I am so in love with California Summer, If Malaysia's weather is similar like at there, then I do not mind at all to have Summer all year long. And I spent my Summer 2012 in South East of Germany and a few countries in East Europe. I do not really fancy the dry Summer in East Europe, but I really love German's Summer. The sky is dark at 10pm, so we normally spend our breakfast to dinner in the alfresco. The cooling weather yet the warm sun is just too good to be avoided. The Luscious Magazine share some beautiful images of Venetian Summer. Lovely. I would love to visit Venice again, especially during Summer.

I hope you will enjoy the recipes and some beautiful images, go and dig the magazine if you haven't. And on a side note, this August we will be heading to Western Australia winter for our Summer holiday. Kinda of a new experience for Winter in August though :).

Have a great day ahead!

{Images are credited from Luscious Summer 13}

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