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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello friends. How are you doing? I am a little bit cope up with work this week. We will have long break next week for Raya celebration, then shortly after that I am going to  my Australia holiday for almost two weeks. I need to tidy up few works before my break. However today I have personal tips that I prepare for you earlier. I usually wear make up at work, but a casual one. My face is a typical Asian, fair complexion with double eyelids. My eyes are not too big either, but some of my friends asked me before what kind of tricks that I apply to enhance my eye expression.
Below is the list of cosmetics that I use to draw my eyes (I shared my make up lists in these previous posts). And still in this post, my friend Celine helped me to illustrate the steps. So here we go...
  The lists:

1. Eye brow
2. Gel eyeliner
3. Duo eyeshadow in Goldie brown and silver white
4. Mascara 

The steps:
Apply your skincare, BB cream/ foundation, loose powder into your face before applying the eyeshadow.

Step 1:

I want to focus on how to apply the eyeliners to make my eyes slightly bigger without being too artificial. Firstly, draw your eyebrows if you may, then only apply the eyeliners.

How I apply the eyeliners; I use gel liners, easier and less messy. I pull the edge of my eyelids to be slightly straight, then start to draw line on my upper lash line from the edge to the center of the upper lash line (not the other way around, ok). Draw the lines about 3/4 not a full line.  I apply a ticker lines in the edge of the upper lash line and gradually thinner toward the center.

After that I apply the line on my lower  lash line, from the 3/4 center toward to the edge, and joined the upper lash line. I smudge/blend the lines by applying caviar color eyeshadow (or by using cotton bud) to make it softer and natural.

 Step 2

There are 4 steps of applying the eyeshadow which also includes applying the blusher (sorry it seems the picture miss one step, but its actually an optional). The step seems awkward  but it works well for me for creating a natural look :).

1st step: I apply my highlight first into my under brow, I use silver white, I apply 1/3 of it to my under brow.

2nd step: I then apply goldie brown/brown into my inner eye lids, filling in and brush toward the edge of the eyelids. I make sure not to cover the eyeliners that I already applied previously. Then I blend the goldie color and the highlight color in the edge of my eyelids.

Additional step: I also sometime like to use light silver shimmering eyeshadow for my lower eyelids ( apply in the tear through) to create watery eyes. Not much just a slight brush.   

3rd step: I have slightly round- oval face, so the way I apply the blusher in my cheek bone is to brush from top to down. This way will create a smaller face.

Then, I apply mascara and lipstick. Current obsession is bright pink glossy color lipstick.

Here is how it looks overall.... Celine done a very good job to illustrate it, I hope my explanation is not to lengthy and confusing. Those are based of my personal opinion, I am not a professional make up artist though :). 

Lastly,  happy Wednesday!

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