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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hello friends, happy Wednesday. Today I thought of sharing my fave make up essentials in my weekly Wednesday Picks. I used to collect so many make up from many different brand, and only few weeks ago I throw almost 80% of them because some were still new but already expired. I wasted a lot of money from collecting them. So I decided to be more selective and only buy and keep what I need. I now have few essential ones that I think is really good and I use them almost daily. If you notice I bought numbers of Korean or Japanese brands, because it suits my Asian skin tones. I have both light and dark color for eye shadows, I wear the lighter tones for my daily looks, and add the darker ones for formal function or dinner.

I am madly in love with Missha BB cream, finally after a long search of a perfect BB cream, my sister came back from Seoul and gave me Misha. Since then I do not think I will change to other brand. The texture is very light and non sticky and the most important, it covers my blemish perfectly. I also love the Maybeline eyeliner gel, there is so easy to apply and it won't easily smudge, it is good for a novice that seldom apply an eyeliner before.

I like bright color lipsticks, it suits my skin tones than the paler one. When I have no time to apply my eyeshadow bright pink lipstick, blusher and mascara is a good enough. I list down the rest of my make up tools below. My talented friend helps me to illustrate some of the make up products. Thank you, Celine.  I will share the simple technique to apply make up for natural looks next week. so please be back here on next Wednesday :)

My List:

For Base

For Eyes 
Kate by Kanebo duo eye shadow color in Goldie brown and silver white
Bobbi Brown rich caviar eye palette
Etude Shimmer silver eyeshadow (picture not shown)
Shu Eumura eyebrow pencil in dark brown

For Cheek 
Dior duo blusher - Rose vintage pink (830) (picture not shown)

For Lips 
Etude - bright pink (RD304)
Channel -Rivage (50) from Rough Coco Shine
Etude - Clear lips gloss (picture not shown) 

{Illustrations credit - Celine Chan}

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